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The Height of Flight

Since the dawning of time, humans have raised their heads and watched in envy, as birds drift and float majestically across the sky. Our imagination has kept us creating new ideas and concepts that have allowed us the ability to fly.

We keep pushing the boundaries to fly higher, faster and in ways never achieved before; we’ve created explosions where the mushroom clouds reached the mesosphere, orbited the earth countless times, flown above every type of known weather, put satellite after satellite into space, landed men on the moon, put a rover on mars, flown satellites further then own know knowledge of space.

Yet, after all these achievements we still look up at the stars in wonder and awe as we try to understand our position in the universe, but for now you’ll have to settle for a data visualisation charting the heights man has reached for various modes of transport and various methods of ‘flying’, floating, falling and exploding.

Here at we’ve created an infographic charting the height of flight; along with various weather, mushroom clouds and atmosphere levels.

The Height of Flight