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How to Make Money While Travelling Abroad

Travelling is an incredible experience, one that most of spend as little as a week at a time enjoying. Most of us will have thought of travelling and never stopping, the appeal of a new and un-known location every week is a rather intriguing possibility, but just how do people afford to globetrot and never stop?

Well globetrotting is far from an unreachable fantasy. People tend to believe that travelling abroad will cost them a fortune, or the fear of the unknown stops them, either way travelling abroad doesn’t have to break the bank if you’re willing to avoid 5* luxury hotels.

Finding cheap flights, living in hostels or Couch Surfing are all great ways to save on money, but there are many more ways to earn money abroad.  Here at FlytoDubai we’ve compiled together some of the best ways to make money abroad and visualized them in an infographic.

How to Make Money While Traveling Abroad