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Incredible Inventions That Debuted At The World Expo

World Fairs have been a catalyst for inspiring millions of people around the world, pushing the boundaries of the human imagination, filling them with awe, ambition and the hopes and ambitions of their times. These Fairs allowed people from around the world to gape in aspiration of different cultures, inventions, new scientific and technological advances.

The three largest international events held on Earth are the Olympics, The World Cup and World Fairs, later becoming known as World Expositions, and these events were aimed at attracting as many visitors as possible.

The World Fair first started in 1851, and since then, the combined World Expositions have gained over 1 billion visitors. The current World Expo being Expo 2015 in Milan, and the one to follow Expo 2020 in our very own Dubai.

World Fairs have been used to bring national and international exposure to numerous inventions that we all take for granted, normally these inventions are more quirky then realistic but they have to begin somewhere, for instance did you know that the cinema technology IMAX was showcased in 1970? Or that Nikola Tesla showcased his alternating currents along with George Ferris’s Invention the Ferris Wheel? Even Ketchup was first showcased at a World Expo!

We’ve created a timeline bringing some of the most incredible (and some of the strangest World Expo inventions dating all the way back to 1851.

World Expo inventions dating all the way back to 1851.