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With a sub-tropical climate, Dubai is perfect to visit all year round.

Summer is hot and humid, with temperatures averaging 42 degrees, dropping to 28 degrees at night. Cooling off in the surrounding beautiful seas may not be as easy: water temperature can reach 37 degrees during the summer months. Summer falls between July and September, and with temperatures that can reach up to 48 degrees, and occasional sandstorms, it’s not the most ideal time to visit the country.

Autumn and spring are more moderate, with daytime temperatures varying between 25 and 40 degrees, though at night it tends to drop a lot lower, to around 20 degrees. The water is cooler, at around 30 degrees. Autumn and spring are less humid, and have more variance than the summer. As Dubai has a sub-tropical climate, autumn and spring are not set seasons, but the beginning of winter, from September to October, and the beginning of summer, from April to June are pleasant to visit.

Dubai’s winter is dry and pleasant: daytime highs reach 27 degrees, and the nights are much cooler, falling to temperatures as low as 10 degrees. Water drops to 20 – 25 degrees. Dubai’s winter is January – March, and thanks to little rainfall and lower temperatures, is a perfect time to visit.

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
°C 19 20 22 26 31 32 35 36 33 29 25 21
°F 65 67 72 79 87 90 94 96 91 84 77 70

Dubai receives very little rain: the rainiest times to visit are December to April, but even then, at an overall average of 10cm, there’s nothing to worry about! Thanks to its sub-tropical climate, Dubai’s rainy season usually falls in November and December.