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Dubai International Motor Show

From prestigious launches to having a go in the pit-stop, Dubai’s Motor Show brings together car enthusiasts from around the world. No expenses spared, the 4-day extravaganza showcases the fastest, the most expensive and the most high-tech cars in a surrounding that suits the cutting-edge technology on display.

Held in November, you can while away the sometimes dreary Dubai days watching drivers strut their stuff, and engineers using their bragging rights.

Unveiling supercars from the UAE, as well as off-roaders, rally cars and Range Rovers, the Motor Show incorporates every aspect of the driving-world, in one festival.

Things hot up with off-roading experiences for visitors, and the Red Bull Car Park Drift: watch the professionals, then have a go with Nissan. An ever-changing programme ensures that no-one’s left disappointed.

Expect to see familiar names: from BMW to Aston Martin, Range Rover to Nissan, everyone’s here to flaunt their boldest, best models. You’ll also have the chance to see cars that don’t turn up on British roads. Many Arabian and Middle Eastern manufacturers bring their handmade super cars to the show, as well as rare one-offs and custom-made vehicles.

The Motor Show culminates with the Grand Parade, a display of cars and motorbikes from all over the UAE. From super to vintage, rally to roadster, watch as the Emirates showcase their finest cars and bikes, with a backdrop as spectacular as the stars of the show.