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Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH)

The 2013 winner of the best Middle Eastern airport for the third year in a row, Abu Dhabi International Airport is a favoured destination of many carriers flying from the UK. Etihad’s main base, Abu Dhabi International is a convenient and picturesque way to start any holiday in the Middle East.

Over 25 airlines fly to and from Abu Dhabi International, from 85 cities in almost 50 countries, meaning this bustling hub has every food outlet, information stand and duty-free shop you can imagine. Like the majority of buildings and businesses throughout the Middle East, the airport delivers a 5-star experience for every traveller. From traditional Arabian elements to cutting edge architecture, the Airport is modern with an ancient charm: perfect as an introduction to the Emirates.

One of the principal carriers to Abu Dhabi is Etihad Airways, national carrier of the UAE. Etihad offer passengers travelling to Dubai coach transfers on their Etihad Express service between Abu Dhabi International and central Dubai. Please note that the coach service is only included where you have selected Dubai as your final destination, and is not included on itineraries ending in Abu Dhabi.

Other airlines do fly from the UK and Ireland to Abu Dhabi, however they do not normally include transfers to Dubai, which would need to be arranged separately at your own expense.