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Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Nearly all carriers flying into Dubai will land at its International Airport. Barely three miles outside of the city, it’s perfectly located for any hotel in any district. Dubai International is easily accessed by car, bus, metro and taxi, and even has car hire facilities for travellers looking to get around of their own accord.

With plenty of food outlets and shops, waiting for a return journey is pleasant: there are plenty of great deals to be found in duty-free. Emirates are Dubai International Airport’s main carrier, bringing through almost 50% of the airport’s passengers, and the airport is Emirates’ biggest hub in the Middle East. Terminals 1 and 3 are the main two that international visitors will travel through, and there are plenty of shuttle buses and signs to ensure that all passengers are in the right place at the right time.

Being in the heart of the millionaires' playground, it’s unsurprising that Dubai International Airport has built a separate runway for people of high class or utmost importance. The Al Majalis VIP Pavillion has its own immigration and customs service, duty free shopping area, luxury conference centre, eight private lounges and a limousine service between the plane and the terminal. For passengers wanting to travel in style – Dubai International Airport has it all.