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Using the Metro is a great way to experience Dubai as a local. They run frequently, and tickets range from Dh2 – 8.50 (roughly £0.35 - £1.50), depending on the distance, ticket type and class. While the Metro is useful, reliable and fast, it doesn’t tend to stop at the majority of tourist destinations. You can, however, get to the airport, Burj Khalifa, the Mall of the Emirates and up and down Dubai’s coastline, so it is a good way of getting to know the city on arrival.

The Metro is fully air-conditioned, in all of its trains and terminals, and there’s rarely any waiting around. Most trains run every 3 – 5 minutes from 5.50am to midnight, with the exception of Thursday and Friday, when they run 5.50am to 1am and 1pm to midnight, respectively.

Unlike many underground systems and railway lines, the Metro is spotless, with clean carriages, flawless platforms and smooth journeys.