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Taxis are a cheap, safe and affordable way to get around Dubai, without having to learn about the Metro system or get to grips with driving in the city. All taxis are metered, and can be flagged down on the street or at taxi ranks at malls and hotels. It can sometimes be a challenge to get a taxi during peak hours, at the weekend and during the evening, but nearby hotels will often have their own rank, or can call a company to send one.

A short trip around the city varies from £3.50 to £14, depending on the route, time of day and traffic. Taxis can be taken to the Northern Emirates, such as Sharjah, for only a little extra. Taxis in Dubai pride themselves on service and safety, so many specialised companies have emerged, including women-only taxis, and taxis for people with disabilities.

All taxis in Dubai charge the same flat rate, so there’s no need to wait for a certain company to arrive: just take the first spotted.