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Dubai as a Stopover Point

Dubai International Airport sees thousands of passengers walk through its terminals every day, but as many as 80 percent of these visitors pass through the airport on their way to destinations further afield without stopping to see all that Dubai has to offer.

Perfectly located for flights continuing on to Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, stopovers in Dubai can be so much more than eating airport food and staring at a departure board.

Choosing to stopover for one or two days is enough to see the main sights and sounds of Dubai, and get a taste for the Middle East. With hotels and giant complexes situated in close proximity to the airport, even 24 hours is enough to explore the Emirate, before catching your next flight.

Luggage can be stored at the airport, and cheap taxis will run visitors door-to-door between some of the most magnificent buildings and beaches in the state.

Any holiday will be an amazing adventure and once in a lifetime experience – so why not ramp up the memories and attach a brief exploration of the millionaires' playground to the itinerary?