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Dubai Airport Transfers

All the main airports in and around Dubai offer easy transfers and welcoming meet and greet services. In a state renowned for its charm, hospitality and open nature, it’s no surprise that many meet and greet services run both to and from the airport, in order to give every holidaymaker a pleasant and smooth connection.

Some hotels will offer private transfers from the airport to the door, but for visitors arriving without this option, or who would prefer to organise it separately, there are many services to choose from.

Ahlan offers a personal airport concierge team, to guide each passenger through the process of arrival or departure. Relax in one of Ahlan’s luxury lounges while a helpful team member sorts everything out.

Marhaba is a dedicated concierge company, offering meet and greet services and access to private lounges in the airport. Whether you’re arriving, departing or simply transferring, any passenger is in safe hands with Marhaba.

Al Majilis guides every visitor through check-in, immigration and baggage clearance in a faster time than usual, as well as offering exclusive lounges and pick-up or drop-off service in a limousine, complete with a personal assistant to help with any duty-free shopping!

Transfers around airports are simple, and can be hired in advance, although many visitors tend to take taxis, due to their fair, low rates. Many hotels in Dubai offer free transfers from the airport to the door, so check this out while choosing accommodation.