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Encapsulating the majority of the city’s most iconic, awe-inspiring developments, Downtown Dubai is home to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain. One visit to this area is all it takes to truly discover the heart and soul of the Emirate: Downtown displays its architectural finesse, the pride it takes in aesthetics, and the work it’s put in to make it the tourist hub it is today.

Home to luxury, elegance and extravagance, just wandering around the development is more than enough to see what Dubai does best, and what it offers the world’s elite. See the Armani Hotel, where sophistication is sewn into the centre of everything, from furniture to bed linen. If you don’t fancy staying for the night, visit the Armani chocolatier, the florist, or one of eight bars and restaurants.

When evening falls, Dubai Fountain lights up the city. Think Vegas – then think bigger and better. Situated in the 30-acre Burf Khalifa Lake, Dubai Fountain is the largest choreographed fountain in the world. Lit up by 6,600 lights, stretching across 275m, and shooting water 500ft into the air, Dubai Fountain is a spectacular show.

Overlooking the Fountain is the Address Downtown Dubai, a stunning skyscraper containing luxury hotel suites and rooms, as well as an infinity pool measuring almost 11,000 square feet. For something more traditionally Arabic, head to the Palace Downtown Dubai. This blend of contemporary architecture and Middle Eastern heritage has stunning views of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain, with the charm of a laid back Arabian village.

Downtown Dubai is constantly expanding, pushing boundaries and breaking records, and thanks to its prime location, can be accessed while you’re exploring the city, or as part of a tour. The Dubai City tours and Dubai Future tours encompass all major aspects of the development, and show you the best parts.

With Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall in the area, you can spend days exploring Downtown without running out of activities.