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Arabian Heritage

As the desert existed thousands of years before Dubai’s city, it’s not surprising that most of the Emirate’s history, traditions and culture are wound up within the sandy dunes. Once you’ve exhausted your adventurous side and skied, sand boarded and dune bashed until your heart’s content, retire to the luxury and elegance of an Arabian camp. Styled closely to the Bedouins’ own camps, entertainment and cuisine, you’ll be reclining under beautiful textiles, and enjoying sumptuous Arabian feasts.

Learn more about Dubai’s heritage by throwing yourself in: learn to belly dance, have an intricate henna tattoo painted on your hands or feet, and listen to the notes of traditional music. Retire to bed with just sheets of thin silks separating you from the canopy of stars hanging above you, and wake to the soft hush of the desert and a spectacular sunrise.

Internationally renowned for its birds of prey, while you’re in the desert make sure you catch a falconry display, and see the awe-inspiring partnerships between man and bird, in a display of skills that are as old as the desert.

Camps, feasts, Arabian entertainment and falconry can all be added on to desert safari tours, so make sure you book a package that allows you to experience these historical gems. Be prepared to feel whisked away in time, rid of all worries and troubles that plague modernity, and ready to relax and indulge in a history that awakens all five senses with equal muster.