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Dune Bashing

Forget the rollercoasters in the city, dune bashing is the most exhilarating experience you’ll find in Dubai. Take a tour in anything from a desert dune buggy, to a customised four-wheel drive, or even a modified Hummer if you really fancy splashing out. Any type of four-wheeled vehicle can be taken on the sands, so you can decide exactly how hair-raising your trip will be.

In your vehicle, you’ll scale the slopes of swirling dunes, before accelerating up and plunging over the edge, speeding sideways down the dune’s face. This adrenaline-fuelled activity is as safe as it is fun, so there’s no need to worry – just sit back and relax, if you can!

Dune bashing is usually done with an expert driver, and there are many tours that will take you out for a day of driving, before finding the best vantage spot for sunset, and taking you to an aromatic Arabian dinner.

However, if you want to go it alone, there are many companies that hire out four-wheel drives and specially adapted vehicles. Most of these businesses offer first-time users a lesson in driving on sand, and go out in large packs throughout the week. You can pick what ability level to join: everyone from beginners to driving pros are welcome!

The desert is full of extreme sports, but none are so exclusive that the faint-hearted can’t try them out. Tours will take out slower groups and speedier ones – just remember to tell your driver before you set off! However, it’s a good idea to avoid this experience if you regularly get car-sick.

Sand driving is unique to all other types of driving, so don’t miss this experience to race jeeps, buggies or quads through thick desert sand, with a backdrop so intense you’ll feel as though you’re in an action film.