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Sand Surfing

You can ski or surf anywhere in the world; Dubai is proof of this with its indoor ski slope, but how many places can you race down sheets of sand, strapped to a pair of skis or surfboard? One of Dubai’s favourite extreme pastimes is sand boarding, and every trip to the desert should include at least one session.

Choose between a pair of skis or a sand board, and see if you’ve got what it takes to excel at this highly unusual – and hard to replicate – sport. Many desert safaris and tours will have sand skiing or boarding as an optional extra, so make the most of it, and book in for your first lesson.

Those of you used to taking to the snow, streets or surf will adapt easily, soaring over huge dunes, sending a golden spray of sand before you. Catch air as you take off from the dune edges, and try out any tricks on your way down.

For beginners, you’re in the perfect environment to hone your skiing, surfing or skating skills. Sand makes for a brilliantly soft landing, so any mistake you might make will only ever be met with a gentle bump. Baby dunes and rolling slopes will give you a taste for speed that only this thrill-seeking sport can satisfy.

Take to new heights from the bigger dunes, knowing for certain that the only thing you’ll dent on landing is the sand – or your pride if it goes wrong! Furious and fast, once you find your feet, you’ll have to be dragged away.

Trying out sand skiing or sand boarding is easy: book it as an addition to a desert safari or tour, or go to specific extreme sport companies in Dubai, who will be more than happy to show you the ropes and take you out for a speedy, stylish session.

Only in Dubai can you soar down a slope on snow and sand – in the same day.