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General Excursions

Explore everything from Dubai’s sights and sports to its shopping centres and skyline with tours on foot, by bus – or even in the air. Guided tours guarantee that you see everything Dubai has on offer – without getting lost, spending a small fortune, or missing out. Many walking tours will help you to orient yourself in the city, while many others offer backstage passes to places usually inaccessible to the public.

Dubai city tours encapsulate everything from past to future. You’ll get a guided tour of Dubai’s ancient past and its origins as a pearl diving centre; a brief look into the customs and beliefs of Islam; a breath-taking foray into Dubai’s record breaking architecture, before learning about the city’s extensive, imaginative plans for the future.

Go from envisioning the future to reliving the past: tours of Jumeirah are a must-do for anyone visiting Dubai. Learn about its rich heritage and customs, see its ancient villages and oldest buildings, and get the chance to enter Jumeirah Grand Mosque: the only mosque in the Emirate open to non-Muslims and tourists.

See behind the scenes of Dubai’s biggest tourist spots: Burj Al Arab and Desert Palms. Experience the 7-star service at Burj Al Arab, eat at its private restaurant, Al Iwan, and enjoy the incredible views and exotic food. Visit Desert Palms, one of Dubai’s most exclusive polo estates. The sport of kings, polo, has a huge following in Dubai, so see the exquisite yard, with 300 stables, learn the history of the sport, and meet some of the Emirate’s highly valued ponies.

Tours taking you to other emirates are brilliant ways to see the UAE: spend a day exploring Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, and the wondrous Al Ain, or the ancient villages in Sharjah and Ajman.

Luxury is as luxury does in Dubai, so take to the skies and see the jaw dropping sights from above. This once in a lifetime opportunity shouldn’t be missed, so book a tour on a seaplane or helicopter, and revel in the bird’s eye view of the city. The Seaplane Spectacular takes off from Dubai’s shimmering shoreline, and is the best way to see the Emirate, its neighbours, and the artificial islands, the Palm Jumeirah and The World. Alternatively, go up in a helicopter, and see the Burj Al Arab and the Burj Khalifa in all their glory.

Excursions around Dubai – whether by boat, foot or plane – are a must for any visitor.