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Escape the hustle and bustle of Dubai city, and head out into the Emirate’s wilderness, on a safari through deserts, mountain ranges and secluded creeks and pools. Take to the dunes in a specially adapted four-wheel drive and race through clouds of sand, steep drops and breath-taking views.

Gone is the streamlined skyline and crowds of people: on a desert safari you’ll be hidden from the noise and rush, able to lose yourself in the desert’s sublimity. See camels transporting nomadic tribes, venture into ancient villages, and find spots that only your tour guide will know of.

Though the desert stretches on for hundreds of miles, you’ll be surprised by the sheer number of activities to do and constantly changing backdrop: no two sights are ever the same. Mountainous ranges creep up through the dunes, opening a world of hidden canyons, creeks and pools, and canny villagers with intricate irrigation systems have allowed patches of greenery, fruits and vegetables to flourish.

Marvel at the sand as you race through, changing colour as the sun moves, then settle down for an evening safari, where the glorious sunsets will ensure you’ll make memories that last a lifetime. As the horizon stretches on endlessly, explosions of colours fill the darkening sky, creating your own private fireworks display. Enjoy with a bonus glass of champagne to make the moment even more special.

A huge variety of desert safaris can be booked: from racing around the dunes, to romantic evening sunsets, you’ll be able to choose the excursion that suits you best. Opt for a picnic lunch and dinner at an Arabian desert camp, or tie in a visit to Wadi Hatta in the mountains and dine in luxury at the Hatta Fort Restaurant.

If you’ve only got a short amount of time to spare, you’ll be able to explore the desert in a morning, afternoon or evening. You’ll experience the raw power of a four-wheel drive in the thick sand and get to see the wondrous sights of flat desert sand arching into huge dunes.

For those wanting to see more of the land surrounding Dubai, you can book safaris that will take you into the mountainous region of Wadi Hatta. Drive through bright orange dunes before arriving at Hatta, Dubai’s oldest village. From there, you’ll swap the flame coloured sand for Hatta Pools, a miniature canyon of creeks, waterfalls and rock pools: Dubai’s desert is so much more than vast acres of sand!

For another desert miracle, head out on safari towards Al Dhaid and Dibba. These agricultural villages are nestled in the heart of the desert, between Fujairah and Dubai, and show the desert’s ability to create life in the unlikeliest of places.

Whatever desert safari you choose, you’ll be bowled over by the rich colours, fun of the four-wheel drives, and huge selection of activities to choose from.