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Dubai may be famous for its architecture and visionary thinking, but the real delights of visiting the Emirate lie in eating out and enjoying its cuisine. Nearly every top hotel has its own restaurant, many of which are Michelin starred, and all use the finest ingredients prepared by top chefs.

Though it’s easy to fall into the trap of eating somewhere close to you, in your own hotel, or somewhere you enjoy, make it a mission to explore every nook and cranny of Dubai’s dining scene while on holiday, and you’ll be certain to find a new favourite three times a day. Restaurants located in hotels are available to non-guests as well, just remember to book in advance, and take advantage of exploring these other-worldly buildings.

Eating is a late affair in Dubai: if you eat earlier than 8pm, you’ll only be eating with tourists. Expats tend to take over restaurants nearing 9pm, and then local Arabs come out to eat around 10pm. Decide whether you want authentic or early when planning your day and your meal times, and make sure you reserve if you decide to head out later.

Anything tickling your taste-buds will be on offer: try Asian at The Noodle House, Indian at Bundoo Khan, or eat traditional Arabian food while watching the city at Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant. For one of the best meals in all of Dubai – and possibly around the world – head to Michelin-starred Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire for a luxuriously sumptuous gourmet meal.

For a visual as well as gastronomical treat, head to the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, and have a meal at the tower’s in-house restaurant, At.mosphere. Al Mahara in the Burj Al Arab is another one to visit – even if it’s just for starters!

The majority of restaurants in Dubai are alcohol-free, but do serve a delicious range of mocktails, and many have fragrant sheesha on offer – a must for any restaurant patron. Experiment with a number of flavours, and soak up the atmosphere a smoky Arabian corner brings.