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Street Food

Don’t despair if you have sudden cravings for western fast-food, cheap noodles or a kebab: many American chains, such as McDonalds, TGI Fridays and Starbucks have opened up in Dubai. While it would be a shame to waste such a gastronomical experience on a Big Mac, there’s always one around the corner if you need it!

For more authentic Arabian street food, try shawarma. Cheap, tasty and available everywhere, this is the Arabian alternative to a burger. Thin strips of meat are cooked on a skewer, before being added to a pitta bread with vegetables and dressing. Another brilliant street food dish on offer is fala-fil – what is sold as falafel in the UK. Due to its large Indian population, many street food vendors sell Indian dishes at cheap prices and quick turnaround.

The Jabal Al Noor chain is well worth a visit: similar to the spread of McDonalds in America, this Arabian fast-food brand offers good dishes and great drinks at low prices, with brilliant names: ‘Lexus’, ‘Sitara’ and ‘Burj Al Arab’ to name but a few.

Explore the souks and markets for ingenious street food, smells that will lead you to vendors by your nose, and thick, rich spices available to buy. See where and what the locals eat for a great idea of where to go, and never be afraid to try something new.

Dubai is home to wonderfully diverse choices when it comes to eating: you’re always going to find the food you’re craving, as well as many other hidden gems. Street food has taken over the lanes and markets of Dubai, with dishes from Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan and India spilling out, offering everything from tangy salads to mixed grills and curry.