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Let your children’s imaginations run wild in the adult-free, adult-world of KidZania. Under careful supervision, children can take on roles in a mini-city, learn a profession, earn money, and then spend it at various ‘outlets’ in the role-play world.

Over 100 different professions are available: kids can see what it’s like to be a doctor, a policeman, a photographer, a journalist, a firefighter, a jewellery maker, a model, an actor, an artist or a DJ, with costumes and places of work to attend. With such a huge range of occupations to try out, children will be entertained for hours, as well as learning about a multitude of career paths, and how the adult world works.

Once kids pick their new job, they spend a bit of time doing training, don the outfit, and then get to work! All shops, offices and buildings are built at two thirds of their actual size, making everything just the right size for children.

As there’s constant supervision from childcare experts and members of selected professions, you can always leave your child to explore their world, while you take advantage of exploring yours.