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Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

With over 20 attractions, Ferrari World is the only indoor Ferrari-themed attraction park, and it’s bursting at the seams with activities and things to do and see.

Situated just 90 minutes by car from Dubai, Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World is the global embodiment of the power, speed and glamour associated with Ferrari. Discover more about the company’s history, inspiration and technology, while seeing some of the world’s best cars up close.

Drive with a champion or take control yourself in one of many driving simulation experiences. You’ll feel the raw power of the car underneath you, and the graphics, sounds and movements are so real, you’ll think it's the real thing!

Put car-loving kids in the driving seat! Specially adapted streets and roads have been created throughout the park for children to drive small, electric-powered cars around, giving them their first real taste of independent driving.

For bigger kids, take the tracks! Rollercoasters reach the speeds of the Ferrari track cars, but you just get to sit back and relax – if you can! Hurtle up and around the centre, securely strapped into the model car.

Live entertainment and music are a regular occurence at Ferrari World, with theatrical, musical and dance shows on offer throughout opening hours. Check ahead before your visit and see what upcoming events will be on.