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Theme Parks of the Future

Dubai is no stranger to ambitious, futuristic developments, so its plans for new theme parks and waterparks will be as grandiose and extravagant as you can imagine. While its existing parks have spectacular views, hair-raising rides and unique animal experiences, nothing can prepare the world for what the Emirate has up its sleeves…

First up is Dubailand, a mega-development spanning over 107 square miles. Split into six zones, Dubailand will be made up of Attractions and Experience World, Eco-Tourism World, Themed Leisure and Vacation World, Sports and Outdoor World, Downtown, and Retail and Entertainment World. With additions from Six Flags, DreamWorks, Legoland, Fantasia, Universal Studios and Marvel Superheroes, it’s certain to top wish lists for kids of all ages. Almost double the size of Walt Disney World in the USA, it comes a close second in the rankings for the world’s largest amusement park, beaten only by Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Due to open before the 2020 Expo, Dubailand is sure to bring people looking for thrills, spills and a huge amount of fun!

One of Dubai’s most adventurous plans to date is also en route to be finished for the 2020 Expo. The Mall of the World will be a temperature-controlled city, all under the roof of one mall. This super-mall will contain another shopping mall, hotels, food outlets, theatres – and a huge theme park. The Mall of the World is being built to protect both locals and tourists from the searing summer heat, by providing anything you could possibly want under one roof. Climate-controlled with a theme park and theatres – it’ll be the best day (or more likely, few weeks) out that you can imagine.

Waterparks haven’t been forgotten in Dubai’s plans for the future. An underwater park is currently in development off the coast of The World, where scuba divers, swimmers and snorkellers can explore shipwrecks, reefs and other underwater playgrounds to your heart’s content. Inspired by Avatar and Pirates of the Caribbean, The Pearl of Dubai will be complete with a hotel spanning both underwater and on water levels, and enough activities for divers of any age and any ability to engage in.

The future’s bright in Dubai – so just keep your eyes open and ears peeled for upcoming releases!